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Your report will be held for 30 days while it is routinely checked against found animals and animals that arrive at CAP. Attach to neon colored paper as a background. You must put forth the effort to find out for yourself.

Authorised staff members are not allowed to pass on information about members to non-authorised staff without the express permission of the Managing Director. This check list is not in order of importance.

Find Your Pet!

Put out some smelly food such as tuna, sardines, or warm, freshly cooked chicken, liver, or other savory meat. Say you want to buy the dog and do not ask questions about the dog. Create an eye-catching flier with a good photograph of the animal and your contact information.

Imagine our heartbreak and horror when he went missing.

Shelter Search Lost Pet

Usually there are smaller pet rescue groups that work with the local humane shelter. If you do use a tattoo, we feel that the best place to apply it is on the inner thigh. More tips and resources below.

You will receive an automated email with tips to help you get started while you are waiting for your flyer to be made. An injured dog will also hide in dark places. Behavior evaluations and training: When I asked her if she had seen that dog, all she could say was "follow me".

Within minutes, I received prepared flyers which we posted in our neighborhood. You must go visit at least every other day. Always leash them when taking them anywhere. Also check regularly in any other local publications.

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The Lost Dogs’ Home is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. The Lost Dogs’ Home has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.

CLICK TO REPORT A LOST DOG. BEWARE – SCAMMERS and Fee-Based Services (Pawboost, Critter Cops, Cuddles United and others) They may try to contact you offering “Free” Services shortly after you file a report with us.

Lost pets are held for their owners to claim them for 4 - 10 days depending on what city they were found in and whether they had any form of identification. If you believe that you have located your lost pet on our website, please come to the shelter during regular business hours to identify and redeem your pet in person.

Lost My Doggie helps find lost dogs, lost cats or missing pets.

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Amber Alert for your pet to instantly notify up to 10, neighbors of your lost dog or missing cat. Lost your dog?

Report a Lost Dog

This will help you understand where and why he went and how you can find him. Lost & found pets resources and tips. OHS cannot accept found pets - check with your local county animal services first.

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